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Do you really need a publicist?

Look, I get it. You’re not A-Rod, and I’m not J. Lo. They need publicists for obvious reasons. Celebrities and professional athletes have massive public images and need someone running PR power plays and damage control simultaneously. So you’re not in the public eye on a grand scale, but you do want to make money and make moves, in which case you need to get control of your personal and professional narratives.

You have a reputation. I have a reputation. For CEO’s, business owners, and high-level executives, reputation is a critical element to long-term success. And there are a number of constituents to consider professionally: peers, employees, board members, competitors, community leaders, investors.

List the various audiences you influence, or whose influence you need or may need in the future. How are you perceived? Do you know how these audiences perceive you? Are you in control of the narratives they buy into? Does it affect your business? How? What is the ROI on reputation management? Although we can’t answer all of these questions for you, let’s break it down into 3 buckets.

1. Thought Leader Positioning

It’s safe to assume that you didn’t get to where you are out of dumb luck. (And if you did, then hats off to you!) You work your tail off, leverage your resources, and operate with a high level of business acumen. In the process, you became a subject matter expert in your industry. You should be chiming in on news in your industry, giving media interviews, guest hosting on podcasts, speaking at trade events, and highlighting your philanthropic endeavors. White Horizon can position you as a thought leader in your industry and among your peers.

2. Media Relations – Are you doing something newsworthy?

Think about it this way. If you are running a company, closing deals, acquiring competitors, diversifying into other industries, growing a business, creating jobs, contributing to nonprofit organizations, sitting on executive boards, winning awards, investing in startups, etc., then you should have someone at the helm to relay these notable events to the local, regional, or national media. Publicity generates publicity. Let us pack the first snowball and get it rolling.

3. Crisis Mitigation & Damage Control

Mitigating change requires an acute focus on messaging to internal and external audiences. You need a buffer, and you need to communicate your points in a thoughtful, tactful, and direct way that acknowledges every angle of the situation. We can help you craft and deploy messages to clarify murky corporate situations and alleviate potential negative impact on your reputation, and ultimately, on your bottom line. In addition, we can provide proactive monitoring of vulnerabilities to inoculate and get ahead of issues before they (inevitably) arise.

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