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After a decade of building other people’s dreams, the founder of WHITE HORIZON PR decided it was time to start building hers. This agency was launched with the intention to inspire audiences, provoke experiences, and propel action. As such, public relations strategy lies at the forefront of our services. WHPR is an extension of your in-house team, a true partner to your brand. We work like we own it.

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  • cultivating invaluable industry relationships to amplify brand awareness
  • developing an acute approach to reach the proper audiences for your brand
  • generating brand-building buzz
  • targeting & pitching appropriate media and leveraging influencers



[col type=”1_2″ class=””]What sets us apart? The power of storytelling–writing, content development, and deployment of carefully crafted messages. We evaluate your forward-facing brand assets and provide a content strategy that provides consistency across all mediums.
[styled_box title=”Writing and Collateral Development include:” type=”sb” class=”sb_cyan”]

  • press and media kits
  • brand books
  • web site content
  • social media strategy and content
  • press releases
  • ghost writing for self-promotion and media pitching
  • e-mail marketing content


[col type=”1_2″ class=””]Our primary focus is to align with brands that are committed to social responsibility. As such, we lean towards designers who manufacture their lines in the United States or Europe. In additional to our national reach, we endeavor to propel “shop local” initiatives and promote press coverage to spur local economies.

For clients whose lines cannot be made in the USA, we ensure that their reasons are socially responsible and ethical. Couture designs and classically handmade collections are often created abroad in Europe and Eastern European countries such as France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, and Turkey. Traditional methods of craftsmanship and native design techniques often distinguish these collections in the U.S.[/col]