Print Media

Traditional print publications—fashion and entertainment magazines—highlight the most coveted print media coverage for our clients. We are proud to have cultivated lasting relationships with leaders in the press, including fashion and accessories editors, writers, and publishers. Trade publications also provide invaluable print media outlets for emerging designers. Let our contacts work for your brand.

  • Fashion Magazines (glossies)
  • Entertainment Magazines (weeklies)
  • Newspapers (Wall Street Journal, NY Times, etc.)
  • Trade publications (WWD, Apparel News, etc.)

Our agency maintains a strong presence in New York City throughout the year to preserve face time with our most valuable media contacts. This approach ensures we can leverage those relationships on behalf of our clients. Moreover, our agency’s focus on content development sets us apart from others in fashion PR. With an intense commitment to writing and carefully crafting brand messages, we maintain a high level of credibility in the industry. As a result, we promote and pitch our clients’ collections in fresh, novel ways so their products project among the crowd.