Opportunity is the hope of a dream realized. Every dream begins with an endless blank canvas waiting for a message. After a decade of building other people’s dreams, the founder of WHITE HORIZON PR decided it was time to start building hers. Like any startup, this company launched with a dream: to inspire audiences, to provoke experiences, and to propel action.

Every choice leads somewhere. We all have dreams we choose to embrace or forget.

WHITE HORIZON is a creative partner for:
  • new and established innovators
  • those who have set sail towards a goal
  • those who decided that status quo just wasn’t good enough
  • those who know what a calculated risk feels like
  • those who have come alive


We are committed to working with clients who demonstrate corporate responsibility.

When possible, we try to work with brands that:
  • are committed to sustainability
  • source their materials ethically
  • do not exploit human life for a profit
  • use eco-friendly materials
  • support fair trade labor
  • are manufactured in the USA
  • source locally and domestically when possible
Our primary focus is to align with brands that are “MADE IN THE USA” and prefer representing clients who are committed to this vision. In additional to our national reach, we support “shop local” initiatives and promote press coverage to spur local economies.

For clients whose lines cannot be made in the USA, we ensure that their reasons are socially responsible and ethical. For example, couture designs and classically handmade collections are often created abroad in Europe and Eastern European countries such as France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, and Turkey. Traditional methods of craftsmanship and native design techniques often distinguish these collections in the U.S.