Mixed Metals for Fall: Don’t Go “Green”

Kenda Kist LogoGeo rings

When in doubt, mix it up. With gold and silver and rose gold–oh my!

Geo stackable rings in mixed metalsLet’s talk about quality. When you buy a ring or say, several stackable rings, the last thing you want is your finger turning green. (We are looking at you, Stella & Dot!) It doesn’t matter how cute or how affordable, a green thumb is for the garden.

Enter Kenda Kist Jewelry. The designer of this line knows what she’s doing. From start to finish, her collection is Made in the USA, sourced in the USA where possible, and hand-forged. As if that wasn’t enough, she uses only the finest sterling silver from places like Rio Grande, New Mexico and works directly with trustworthy suppliers for gemstones. No slave labor, no exploiting human life for a fashion moment.

Go ahead, meet your new obsession at www.KendaKist.com. Then rest easy knowing your new favsies will last forever.

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